In 2014, people had stopped seeing Coca-Cola as a relevant brand.

Since 1886, Coca-Cola has had a history of making statements to support American ideals. So rather than trying to start a conversation about Coca-Cola, we chose to bring the brand into a new cultural conversation happening today: the national debate on immigration and equality.

We created a campaign called "It’s Beautiful" that took an honest look at what being an American means today, from Coke's unique point of view. By reinterpreted an American anthem and presenting it in different languages, we started a cultural debate in social media that was amplified, reacted to and guided in real time. A debate not about a commercial, but about what it means to be an American.

We ignited a cultural conversation that almost immediately blew up across social channels and dominated the post-Super Bowl conversation, trending organically on both Facebook and Twitter. The campaign garnered more than half a million mentions and earned more than 12M organic video views, 1.8M of which were delivered by our custom audience segments on Facebook. elicited hundreds submissions, and the conversation reached national and local news, with 63M earned impressions and an engagement rate of 3.51%. We were even mentioned on cultural shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Social/Digital Strategy Lead: Yours Truly
Strategy Directors: Nicole Brandell, Christine Sheehan
Creative Directors: Hal Curtis, Jeff Gillette
Creative Team: Tara Dubbs, Megs Senk
Account Team: Thomas Harvey, Brian Mead