While the Zappos parent brand is known for being customer-obsessed, its product-focused @zappos_running social account wasn’t connecting with its female runner audience.

Any insight that resonates with all 32 million female runners is bound to be generic… So instead of going that route, we used a combination of social listening and one-on-one interviews to identify six different motivations behind why the majority of female runners run. Spoiler: it has nothing to do with the type of shoes they’re wearing.

Make @zappos_running a fun and motivational destination for the six sub-groups that make up female runners. Use targeted content series to connect with each sub-group more directly, show we “get” them and celebrate why they run.

The @Zappos_Running sub-group targeted approach helped fuel a 9% sales increase within 6 months of introducing the new social strategy, with content consistently shattering the industry engagement rate with an average over 8.5%, and the average post reaching over 5,500 runners… organically.

Consulting Strategy Director: Yours Truly
Account Director: Michelle Borgese
Executive Creative Director: Toni Smith