SweeTARTS = nostalgic kids filler candy. Our task was to transform it to a distinctive brand that resonates with young adults.

Young adults define themselves by their passions, which they pursued unapologetically... until adulthood.

We turned SweeTARTS into the passionate misfit brand, partnering with influential misfits SeaNanners (gamer celebrity) Mo Mo O'Brien (LARPing fanatic) and Billboard's "One to Watch" 2016 artist Troye Sivan.

From a truck that makes misfits custom candy flavors, to on-the-ground activations at misfit events like VidCon and Comic Con, anthemic videos and content across Tumblr, SnapChat and more, we made it our mission to start a misfit revolution across the nation.

We amplified and changed the conversation around SweeTARTS, with mostly underground and grassroots efforts. We saw significant lifts across brand health metrics, and exceeded sales objectives within the first month. Conversation around the brand erupted, with more than half of mentions including the hashtag #FollowYourTart. The campaign has seen hundreds of millions of impressions to date, leading to some shout outs from AdAge* and HuffPost.*

Strategy Lead: Yours Truly
Creative Director: Carolin Harris
Creative Team: Jake Matthews, Andy Prince
Account Team: Michelle Borgese, Frank Normandin