The pasta category = a sea of sameness. From Bertolli to Buitoni, Rana, Ragu and Barilla... people don't know the difference. We needed to zero in on the things that made Buitoni different to drive a fresh strategy that speaks to today's pasta lover.

Secondary Research
We did a deep dive on Buitoni's history (both globally and in the US), the competitive landscape (both fresh and dry pasta), current cultural macro trends that could be influencing the industry, relevant case studies, and interviews with pasta chefs.

Primary Research
We conducted a combination of focus groups and ethnographies among fresh pasta consumers, where we explored their day-to-day realities and the role dinnertime played within them. We also investigated the beliefs about, moments of, and barriers to buying fresh pasta as a dinner solution.

To uncover the most genuine insights, we wanted research participants to feel comfortable and to ensure our discussions were as organic as possible. So our focus groups were held in restaurants where we enjoyed an Italian meal together, and ethnographies were held in select participants' homes the following day. This way, we were able to gather both a breadth and depth of learnings, and truly immerse ourselves in our audience‚Äôs environment for contextual clues that would add authenticity, color and nuance to our findings.

For today's consumer, dinnertime is much more hectic and fast-paced than most advertisers depict... But it's still the emotional highlight of their day. Whether it's with a husband and 3 kids, or a girlfriend and dog, dinner is often times the only chance to reconnect with family. It's not perfect, but it's cherished.

To differentiate and better connect with consumers, Buitoni needed to bring the brand back to reality and make it our mission to honor the real dinnertime experience.

From packaging to print, social and web, Buitoni has invested in a brand overhaul that better enables today's fast-paced consumers to feel proud of a meal that's quick, fresh and lets them put their spin on it.