Coke's numbers were down significantly with the teen demographic. The brand needed a way to connect with this young audience and get them picking up a Coke.

We used a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to better understand teens. It was... crazy. Among the many oddities, we found that they gravitate towards funny, snack-able, game-able content. That's what makes them happy. Just like Coke. And when it came to how they enjoyed it, it became very clear that the mobile device is their first screen. 

These findings led to the first digital-led campaign by the Coca-Cola company: the AHH Effect- a complex feeling of happiness, satisfaction and refreshment all at once. With 61 URLs (from two H's all the way to 61 H's), we housed a series of unique, mobile-friendly experiences—from games to films, animated GIFs and more—that brought to life the dimensions of AHH through teen-worthy moments of randomness, creativity and happiness.

With over 5 million visits and an average of 2:17 spent on each site, the AHH Effect put Coke back on teens’ radar. After four months in market, the campaign increased teens' intent to purchase Coke by 24%.