With an emphasis on vinyasa flow, Josie's teaching style incorporates balanced sequences designed to help students find space and enjoy their own practice. She is passionate about students of all levels taking time to connect with breath, body and mind.


Josie is a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance and currently lives in Boulder, Colorado.
She completed her 200-hour teacher training with YogaWorks in Portland, Oregon under the incredible Rosie Acosta. 
Josie is currently continuing her yoga education in Rosie's mentorship program.


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Natalie Padilla

Josie is the embodiment of true yoga. Her classes are highly meditative with a focus on good form, integrated pranayama, and useful asana tips. As a teacher she's kind and contemplative, offering a great experience for all levels and making everyone feel welcome. This is amazingly refreshing in a world where yoga is often equated only with a form of cardio. Try her class, you will be grateful you did.


Lennart Flesch

I've been in Josie's yoga classes for several months and she's a truly fabulous instructor, the most heartfelt of any I've encountered. She's the kind of character who lightens up any room she enters and it's this vibrant energy she translates into her teaching. With her I not only started to attend classes on a regular basis, but look forward to them. Her style is gentle and thoughtful of all participants. She focuses on every individual in the room and with her support I was able to noticeably improve over time. Beyond the teaching, she emphasizes to create an almost meditative atmosphere through incense, candles and class themes. I am jealous of any person who will work with her in the future.

Josie is a wonderful teacher! She brings something deeper to the practice. I've been to many asana classes where I felt like I was just moving through the motions of the poses. With Josie there is an understanding that our breath is the guide. I felt safe to take Childs pose when I needed a break, and yet I didn't feel like I was not part of the class. She has a warm presence and shares that warmth with everyone she meets. Her alignment cues are spot on for feeling more deeply into the poses, and she honors that modifications are not a diminishment of the pose but just another way to practice it. Visit Anna's yoga site here.


Emily Smith

Josie's workplace yoga class transforms a hectic office environment into a serene place to recenter. As a natural leader, her teaching style is encouraging and energizing for everyone in the room. I appreciate her perceptiveness to what students can use more guidance on - (for me, chaturanga!). By repeating poses herself and paying special attention to each individual's needs, she makes it easy to learn, stay patient, and improve my practice. Her classes are an empowering mix that help me build strength, balance, and peace!


See below for Josie's current class schedule.


Josie also offers mentorships and private yoga lessons. If interested, please reach out below.

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