Hershey’s is synonymous with chocolate. They’ve only had three major innovations: the milk chocolate bar in 1899, the dark chocolate bar in 1939, and the white chocolate cookies ‘n creme bar in 1995. But in 2018, for the first time ever, they were coming out with something new that wasn’t chocolate at all. How could we introduce something so foreign from a brand people love for it’s nostalgia and familiarity?

Foreign things become familiar through the power of metaphor. And they become crave-able through the power of intrigue.

Use the power of intrigue (“not chocolate”) and metaphor (“tastes like winning gold”) to make Gold the most crave-able Hershey’s bar yet.

We made the “not chocolate” Gold famous through a combination of TV, social media, partnerships with the US Olympics and retailers like 7Eleven.

Within the first month, Gold became the largest new product launch in the 123 year old history of Hershey’s.