Twizzlers was becoming a forgotten brand, with their national category position dropping steadily from #1 to #5 in the previous 4 years alone. 

With a combination of quant and qual research we found that Twizzlers' flippy-floppy format made it a stress reliever in people's minds. And in today's divided and divisive world where people take things way too seriously, people need loosening up more than ever!

We took our stress relieving product truth and made it more meaningful in today's world with a fresh new strategic positioning: Twizzlers is the most delicious way to loosen up. This led to the "You Can't Be Serious with Twizzlers" campaign, which included 7 disruptively un-serious TV spots, hundreds of social posts designed to loosen people up from ultra-serious newsfeed scrolling, a partnership with the MLB where we created a Twizzlering Cam to loosen up serious fans on a jumbotron, and a partnership with Facebook to create their first branded lens.

From a business standpoint, this campaign transformed Twizzlers core business (Twists) by driving double-digit growth: shortly after launch, sales were up +10% after being down -10% a year prior. And for the first time in two years, the entire Twizzlers product portfolio was back in the black for 6 consecutive months (and counting).

In terms of making Twizzlers mean something to people again, not only did people buy the product- they bought the idea. In response to our campaign, fans and influencers created a social movement around #Twizzlering: where they'd film themselves poking serious friends in the face with Twizzlers as a way to loosen them up. In total, consumers created over 650 #Twizzlering videos with thousands more using the hashtag.
Additionally, our own social content helped loosen up millions of social scrollers and get them to stop taking things so seriously. Not only did we get them to pay attention, but we saw 15M engagements in the 6 months following our April launch.