The American Indian College Fund was getting lost in the competitive and crowded landscape of charitable giving.

We needed to make the AICF stand out as a cause people cared enough about to donate to. So, to grab people's attention across channels, we used a powerful visual treatment inspired by Native beadwork, music provided by rock artist Neil Young, and a staggering statistic to prove the importance of our message: that only 1% of college students are American Indian. We ended our messages with a new tagline for the organization: â€œEducation is the answer."

From donated TV to print and digital we not only spread our message - but directed people to a site that allowed people to easily donate wherever they were.


In the year this campaign launched, the AICF was able to award 6,548 scholarships to Native American students (a 58% increase year over year). The organization also saw an 220% increase in contributions the same year.

Strategy Co-Leads: Yours Truly, Megan Amberson
Creative Director: David Kennedy
Creative Team: Tara Dubbs, Patty Orlando
Account Lead: Gina Keough