Old Spice saw unprecedented success and created a cultural phenomenon with their original Old Spice Guy Response campaign. The next year, they wanted to refresh the conversation and make the Old Spice Guy bigger than ever.

Double the Old Spice guy, double the response. We decided to enlist a second Old Spice Guy, and who better to play him than international model and icon Fabio? And so it was that Fabio challenged the original Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) to Mano a Mano in el Baño: an epic battle to determine the Best Old Spice Guy. Over the course of three days, we put out hundreds of videos, tweets, pins and GIFs of the two icons dueling, responding to fans and challenging one another. It all ended when we tallied the fans’ votes and announced Isaiah as the victor.

The battle (and it's nearly 100 videos) garnered 7.6+ million views, 40,000 mentions on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and reached more than 40 million unique people online.