Brand & Product Positioning

From new products to historic companies and even personal brands, I love helping people realize the most compelling stories they can share with the world. And at a time when consumers are savvier and more cynical than ever, finding an authentic truth to rally around has never been more critical.

Insight Hunting

If you're looking for numbers to validate a fully baked idea, I'm probably not your person. But if you're looking to help inform and shape new ideas with surprising insights about your consumer, I'd love to help. I'll roll up my sleeves for everything from designing methodologies to moderating groups, and create insightful, actionable learnings to guide your path forward.

Marketing Strategy

It all starts with a clear and meaty problem. Once we know what that is and understand the key drivers behind it, I'll work with you to identify the most effective marketing and business strategies to help solve it. In past these solutions have come in the forms of new audience segmentations, product innovations, partnerships, causes, advertising campaigns, brand identity and tone of voice, and even crisis management.

Once you have a key message or idea worth sharing, I can help you turn that message into an integrated story told across channels and timelines. I'll work with you to design a communications plan that ensures we reach your audience at the right places and times to usher them all the way through your brand's unique path to purchase.

Campaign Planning